ISOMATEX embarked on the Ant-Arctic-Lab adventure 34.000 nm - Single-handed - Nonstop - Without assistance

The ANT-ARCTIC-LAB is a highly ambitious yacht building and sailing challenge that highlights several industrial developments which bring more sustainability to the marine industry. Indeed, the Open60AAL imagined by Norbert Sedlacek is built out of our FILAVATM products and glued with environmentally safe epoxy resin. The boat is not only high performance; it’s also environmentally friendly and completely recyclable!

The big challenge of the well-known skipper Norbert Sedlackek is to sail a 60ft yacht, nonstop, singlehanded and without assistance from Les Sables d’Olonne (in France) to the Arctic, through the Northwest Passage, down the Pacific Ocean and passing the Cape Horn to circumnavigate the Antarctic continent.

The ANT-ARCTIC-LAB challenge will take place from July 2018 until February 2019.

This unbelievable undertaking will be another extreme sailing adventure for the skipper Norbert Sedlacek which will take him more than 34.000 nautical miles, for seven months on his 60ft. racing yacht Open60 through the most dangerous waters on our planet, through ice, stormy waters, and much more.

Mikrosegeln: Norbert Sedlacek will mit Open 16-Selbstbau über ...

ANT-ARCTIC stands for both polar regions on our planet that the skipper is about to connect in 2019. LAB represents the “floating Open 60ft. laboratory”.

The yacht involved in this great challenge will be built using 100% recyclable materials such as FILAVATM products. Due to its high properties and its recyclable nature, the FILAVATM products have been selected from among a large choice of other reinforcement fibres. As the project will show afterwards, a yacht builded out of FILAVATM can be entirely recycled.

Nearly a year before the start, thanks to the nice processability of FILAVATM fibres, Norbert and his team have already finalized the hull construction (picture).

Follow Norbert's adventures on the Ant-Arctic-Lab website :

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