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New revolutionary fibre reinforcements for high-performance composites and technical textiles

Volcanic rock filament FILAVA™: High-performance fibre reinforcements

Volcanic rock filament FILAVA™ has high strength and high stiffness (high tensile Modulus – “Young Modulus”) and has excellent chemical resistance properties. Thanks to its temperature range and resistance level of up to 850°C in permanent operation, it is by far superior to glass fibres, steel fibres, polypropylene fibres and other types of fibres. In addition to its high-performance qualities together with other outstanding properties (IR-rays resistance, durability etc.), FILAVA™ has revealed superior elongation at break in combination with high tensile strength making it a flawless substitute to aramid or carbon fibre products in many applications.

As a result, enhanced volcanic rock filament FILAVA™ can definitively and cost-effectively substitute S and R glass fibres, steel fibres, aramid and carbon fibres in many applications.

The main properties of FILAVA™ can be summed up as follows:

  • Tensile strength of virgin filaments similar to carbon fibres
  • Better elasticity (Young Modulus) than glass fibres
  • Significantly greater elongation at break than carbon fibres
  • Better resistance in alkaline and acid solution than carbon or glass fibres
  • Better resistance at high or low temperatures than glass or aramid fibres
  • Impact resistance similar to aramid fibres
  • No galvanic or metal corrosion particularly in high-moisture environments
  • Density similar to glass fibres
  • High thermal, electrical and acoustical insulation properties
  • A lower price per kilo than carbon or aramid fibres

FILAVA™ is a stable mineral product, neutral for the environment and 100% directly recyclable as per existing European regulations.

FILAVA™ is sold by ISOMATEX in different formats:

  • Single-End direct roving: from 68 up to 100 TEX with elementary fibre’s diameters from 9,0 to 11,0 μm.
  • Conventional assembly Multi-End direct roving: from 136 TEX up to 2.400 TEX
  • Conventional (twisted) yarns in Z or S direction with 30 and higher twists per meter
  • Chopped strands from 4,0 mm. to 32,0 mm.
  • Weaved fabrics from 210 gr/m² up to 1.050 gr/m².

Download the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) here:

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of FILAVA